Three Better Ways to Check US Airways Flight Status

When checking your US Airways flight status, your intuition would be that is the best place to check.  But there are three better places to check your US Airways flight status.

1. The US Airways Mobile Website

You can access the US Airways mobile website from any browser at  It has more features than the US Airways website itself, as well as the app.  (Usually, I find apps better than the mobile website!).

Through the mobile website, you can access your status on the standby or upgrade lists.

Here’s the information you can get on the regular website:

us airways flight status

Versus the mobile website:

us airways flight status


But on either of these sites, you won’t always get an accurate take off time.  For some reason, the US Airways flight seems to freeze at push-back.

But there’s a better place to check US Airways flight status.

2. The American Airlines Website

I can’t tell you why, but the American Airlines website has had more accurate flight times for US Airways operated flights than US Airways has had.

I was on a plane that was ground stopped for an hour.  US Airway’s website had told me my flight was landing soon.  American Airline’s website correctly stated that my flight hadn’t taken off yet.

For example, these were my flights today.  US Airway’s website updated with the correct landing time, but the takeoff time never accounted for our delay.

US Airways’ website:

US Airways Flight Status for Dayton


American Airline’s website:

American version for US Airways Flight status


I’ve never seen a situation where the US Airway’s website was more accurate than the American Airline’s.

us airways flight status flight track pro3. Using FlightTrack Pro

 FlightTrack Pro will cost you $4.99, but it has been worth it for me.

It proactively sends you push-notifications of flight status changes.  I don’t know exactly how their IT works, but I have often found out about delays first from them before I saw the delay displayed anywhere else.

For example, I boarded a flight once and it showed all the signs of taking off on time.  The crew was getting ready to push back.  Then I get a notification from FlightTrack that we’ll be at least a half-hour late taking off.  Sure enough, we find out a little while later that for air traffic control reasons, our flight was held.

The push notifications are nice because I’m not constantly checking the status.  It’ll actively let me know when something happens.  I’ve started actively saying uh-oh when I get a notification from them.  But sometimes they randomly send a notification letting you know all is well with your flight, which does get me a little anxious for no reason.

But better to be anxious for no reason than to be anxious for good reason!

How about you?  What’s your preferred method of checking US Airways flight status?


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  1. I like flight aware because it not only tracks the status but you can also track the aircraft. You know if the boarding time is in 10 minutes but the inbound aircraft is 20 minutes out you won’t board on time.

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