US Airways

More Weird Bugs with US Airways Website

There is a travel advisory on the East Coast, which made my coworkers plan to move-up her flight more complicated (suddenly everyone was).  But I was trying to help her see if she can change her flight first online before going to the airport early. This is the US Airway’s …

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US Airways Comes in Last for Traditional Carriers

US Airways did not rank well among traditional carriers. From CNN: The survey measures seven factors, including cost and fees, in-flight services, and the flight crew. The study is based on responses from passengers who flew on a major North America airline between March 2013 and March this year. …. …

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US Airways Generous Flight Bump Compensation

I was on a transcontinental flight on United when the gate agent announced they were oversold.  My ears perked up.  I was disappointed when the amount of money they would give you to voluntarily take another flight was announced as $200. It is an easy way to make $200 but this …

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