More Weird Bugs with US Airways Website

There is a travel advisory on the East Coast, which made my coworkers plan to move-up her flight more complicated (suddenly everyone was).  But I was trying to help her see if she can change her flight first online before going to the airport early.

This is the US Airway’s change policy for this weather advisory:

weather advisory


Their policy says you may have to pay to change your trip if there’s a difference in fare.  I’ve only actually had to pay when it was in a different fare bucket.

This was her original itinerary:

original ticket

But when she hit the button to change her flight, this was her only option:

change screen

new fare



US Airway swas offering to let her change to her original (first class) flight for $405 in coach.  She clicked through to see if they were serious:

such a bargain


Yup, they were.  If she hit continue, she would have been charged $455 to get downgraded on her own flight.

But something else weird happened.  I don’t have screen shots because it actually worked and we didn’t think it would.  After being offered this option only for a while, suddenly the options were radically changing and at high prices (this part isn’t strange, they were probably seats opening up for only minutes before they were scooped up).

She was ready to give up and hit change my flight one more time.  It offered her a first class seat on the flight she wanted for $300.  It would apply her $150 credit from her not flown flight leg, and she decided that yes, $150 is worth being on the flight she wants and in first class.

Lo and behold when she got to this screen on that option:

such a bargain

It listed $0 as price per passenger.  She clicked through all the options and she was booked in first for an earlier flight for free–even though the website originally told her she would be charged.

This is one of those outcomes I don’t understand but I won’t question.  But do know when trying to change your flight on US Airways to try multiple times if you aren’t getting what you want/need.

The reason I didn’t drive her to the airport to move her up is because KVS kept showing the seats being empty (and phone agents kept seeing them as empty), so when the various options were popping up, those were seats that were becoming available for minutes at a time.


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  1. The phrase is “lo and behold,” as in “look over there and behold.”

  2. Indeed. It’s a rare idiom that we steal from Elizabethan English.

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