No More Companion Certificates on US Airways World MasterCard Starting 2015

I received a comment from Jason on a post, tipping me off that he received a notice that this year’s companion certificate would be the last he will receive as a benefit of the card.

I spoke to a US Airways World MasterCard representative to verify and she confirmed.  Current card holders will be receiving notices this week (if they haven’t already) that their 2015 certificates will be their last.

I asked about the companion certificate being listed as a benefit when people apply, and she said the wording is very specific on that benefit.  I looked at it again and it is extremely specific:

World Mastercard BenefitsIt used to be listed as “an annual companion certificate,” but now it simply says “one”.

The agent cheerfully told me that the baggage allotment is a much better deal for people than the companion certificates.  I told her this wasn’t true for people with status with US Airways and she asked me why.  I explained the benefits were redundant, and she quickly said, “I’m sure they’ll find a way to make it up to elites too!”

I’m not so sure.  I think this may go the way of the United Explorer Card where it was great for people sans benefits (and the commercial even talked that up), but there’s much less in the way of benefits to elites.


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  1. I agree that they are gutting the card. What I am wondering is what will happen to the old Bank of America US Airways Visa.

  2. I’m confused. If I apply now, would I get one cert to use in 2014 and another for 2015? Or just one for 2014?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Just one for 2014 that expires sometime in 2015. You have to use it within 9 months of getting the card.

  3. Any benefit that is taken away is bad but I wonder how useful it was in the first place. At least I was never able to use it so I cannot complain.

  4. jeannie they are taking the preferred miles on the 25k spend away as well as the first class checkin

  5. thanks for all the info you give, especially as a Platinum US AIR elite. with 600,000+ miles, some bought. We,re getting screwed.

  6. Jeanne,

    as someone who is working on elite status with American Airlines starting from zero, whose goal is not only to obtain status but a fairly nice bank of miles; would you say that even though the merger is happening and it is unknown yet whether these cards will be phased out that it is worth still applying to get the bonus miles?

    from what I am able to gather on all of my sources such as other travel blogs and travel forums, the frequent flyer program will eventually be merged so one day these 40,000 miles are going to end up in a common pool.

    I don’t have status with us air either so even though the cards’ benefits have been reduced, they would be more benefits than I already have.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Yes, I think it is a good idea to get now. I just advised both my parents to get them and although the benefits have been reduced the replacements (free bag) are better for people without status.

  7. I’ve had the US Air Card for 2 years and have run all possible living expenses thru it which has worked well. When you include the 10K towards status it was a game changer. now that 10K part goes away – i dont really care about the companion certs although i have committed once again to use them this year :). i am shopping for a new card to see if a better one is out there

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