ExpertFlyer Now Supporting US Airways Upgrades and Availability

ExpertFlyer will begin supporting US Airways Award & Upgrade searching and alerting.

From their press release:

As part of our continued partnership with American Airlines, we are pleased to announce that ExpertFlyer now supports full US Airways Award & Upgrade searching and alerting. The addition of awards and upgrades from US Airways operated flights will complement the existing American Airlines operated award/upgrade data already available to subscribers of ExpertFlyer. In addition Flight Alerts can now be created for award and upgrade inventory for US Airways operated flights.

The newly supported classes are:

  • O – First – Award/Upgrades, also complimentary Preferred upgrades into First
  • J – Business – Upgrades into Business using Certificate upgrades for ALL applicable routes
  • I – Business – Award/Miles Upgrade
  • X – Economy – Award

Click here for the full list of airlines supported for Award & Upgrade searching and alerting.

I haven’t really used ExpertFlyer because I’m a US Airways flyer.  The Upgrade availability isn’t quite as relevant to me now that they increased the cost of using miles for upgrades as elites, but I am sure my usage will increase heavily.

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