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Sloth Poses for Selfie in Adorable Travel Pic

Proof that sloths are the cutest things ever, a sloth struck a pose while a man used a selfie stick to capture a photo of the adorable creature. A few years back, a monkey stole a tourist’s camera and snapped a selfie, inadvertently creating a legal storm. Copyright allows artists protection …

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Have You Ever Been Robbed While Traveling?

Yesterday, I talked about  a bag that helps keep your money and valuables safe in hostels and other public locations.  I also wrote about how my friend was robbed by one of her new friends while sleeping at a hotel. Another person I know was robbed week.  His hotel room …

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Are Tour Groups Worth It?

I used to be in the camp that tour groups weren’t worth it–after all, I was a “seasoned traveler”.  I’ve changed my tune more recently, especially when I had a great experience on some tours in France.  I’m considering using Viator to book some tours in New Zealand. Travel Update’s …

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What Do the White Trails After an Airplane Mean?

Flight often have jet contrails–that is, the white vapor that follows the plane when it takes off. But did you know these trails can tell you information about the weather? Yesterday, I wrote about a team of pilots that used their contrails to make made an angel--which was pretty cool.  But …

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