Reddit Takes Little Boy’s Elephant on Adorable Trip Around the World

It’s difficult when a child loses their favorite toy–especially when that toy is no longer available.  When one boy lost his elephant, his parents told him that his elephant decided to travel the world.

Their friend decided to take it one step further and enlist Reddit’s help in creating a photo album of places the elephant has been.

elephant original

What resulted was an adorable set of photoshop pictures involving this elephant.

elephant friend

elephant skydive


And yes, even one with the Travelocity gnome.


I recommend checking out the thread because I am dying of adorable over here.

The good news is that the parents were able to locate another one of the elephants (thanks to Reddit), so the plan is to do a homecoming after a series of letters home.

And Reddit, being Reddit, also offered advice in how to make the new toy seem like the old toy.

I’m having all the feels over this.  I love when people come together like this just to make a little kid happy.

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