New Pre-Check Airlines, How to Get Coveted Cathay Award Space, and a Beautiful Shot of Singapore

It looks like more airlines will be participating in pre-check which is great–especially as some frequent flyers flee the American Airlines program for a more low-cost solution.  Pizza, as always, has the slice on this.  (Slice instead of scoop?  Can that be a thing?)

Flight taking off landing airplane

Majored in Miles has a hack for getting around a lack of award space on Cathay Pacific when booking through American.  This will prevent you from having to share a seat with your flight companion*.

*no, they won’t actually let you do that.  Though the seats in F are big enough to!


And Andy’s Travel Blog always has the most amazing photography.  He just posted a panoramic photo of Singapore that’s amazing.

What I also really like about Andy is that he posts tips on how to take photos like he does.  Granted, if I followed his instructions they still wouldn’t look as nice (but #LifeGoals), but it’s great that he shares his tips and tricks for capturing amazing shots.


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