How to Get Airline Miles for Hotel Stays and Nude Dining

There are a few different websites that let you get (relatively significant) airline miles when you book your hotel stay through them.

What are the differences between the different options?  The Flight Detective over at Travel Update has the answer for three different websites.

Do you know you can earn thousands of airline miles for one hotel booking? I certainly didn’t! When I found out this was possible, it changed how I booked hotels forever. Many airline loyalty programmes offer the chance to earn miles through hotel stays. Usually the offers are things such as 500 miles per night, 500 miles per stay or 1 mile per dollar spent. These have been around for years, but this is not what I am talking about.

I’m talking about Kaligo, Rocketmiles and PointsHound.

These companies source hotel rooms at a discount from consolidators, price them at the same price as buying from the hotel direct and use the difference to be able to reward you handsomely. Of course, they also make their own profit as they are running a business!

Check out his article on what he thinks of those three brands.

Couple at hotel check in
And here are all your airline miles! (This does not actually happen)

Monkey Miles has the scoop on a new restaurant in London where all the dining happens in the nude.  I’m…. intrigued to say the least.

naked dining

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