Sloth Poses for Selfie in Adorable Travel Pic

Proof that sloths are the cutest things ever, a sloth struck a pose while a man used a selfie stick to capture a photo of the adorable creature.

A few years back, a monkey stole a tourist’s camera and snapped a selfie, inadvertently creating a legal storm.

monkey_selfie sloth selfie

Copyright allows artists protection against people stealing their work.  In this case, the photographer owned the camera, but did not take the photo himself.  Therefore, it was not his art.  Since a monkey is not a person with legal protections, the photo is up for grabs for common usage.  Bummer.

In this case, the man technically took the photo with his own selfie stick, but the sloth did not hold back when posing.  He has mastered the sloth selfie.

Hashtag sloth selfie indeed.

After seeing this tweet, I tried to track down the story behind it.  The photo was only 19 hours old but multiple copies have been made and linked to since then.

According to the first occurrence of it I could find on Reddit, the man in the photo works in an animal conservation center in Panama.  That’s pretty much all I could find.

But in searching for more information, I found this Buzzfeed list of seven sloth selfies.  Adorbs.

This picture almost makes selfie sticks okay. Almost. Sloth selfie
This picture almost makes selfie sticks okay. Almost.

Selfie sticks are increasingly getting banned in different locations.  And some people have died trying to get that perfect photo.

But my favorite response to this selfie craze is from, offering a “Narcisickstick”–a selfie stick that allows you to take a selfie of yourself using a selfie stick.

What? It’s just a selfie stick taped to another selfie stick? You’re technically correct, but completely wrong. This is the newest weapon in the constant war that is social media. It’s a way to show off your selfie stick and the hype phone you use with it. You just need my new, improved version, and a second phone.


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