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What Happens When Your Airplane Is Struck by Lightning

I’ve just had an exciting night staying up and watching YouTube videos of planes being struck by lightning. According to Scientific America: Although passengers and crew may see a flash and hear a loud noise if lightning strikes their plane, nothing serious should happen because of the careful lightning protection …

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Ballerinas + Flight Delays = Win.

Wow, they are flexible. A set of ballerinas decided to spend their flight delay doing ballet on the airport people mover.  And the result was really cool looking. Got stuck at airport for flight delay? These ballerinas of the #Beijing Dance Theatre know how to kill time — People’s …

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Kids and Understanding the TSA Line

When my brother and I were little, we used to hide candy from each other in our worn out stuffed animals.  We’d have a toy with a small tear in it and pop the candy in there.  My mom had no idea. When we went through (pre-9/11) security in the …

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Great Seeing Everyone Last Night!

It was great seeing everyone at the #GeekyPizza event at John Strongbow’s Tavern last night! There was such a good turn out that we’ll be sure to do this sort of thing in the future.  Let me know any preferences for general areas in the comments! I also tried taking …

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