Credit Cards

A Word of Caution With Your Credit Cards

With all the credit cards people apply to for miles, I just wanted to post a cautionary note regarding one of my accounts that got compromised. I consider myself pretty savvy with paying attention to my finances.  I use to track my purchases and review them often.  I review …

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United MileagePlus Explorer Card Commercial Undersells Itself

The United MileagePlus Explorer Card commercial gives us a Goofus and Gallant type situation regarding two travelers–coworkers, I assume.  One traveler clumsily navigates the airport process whereas the other knows a few shortcuts.  I cannot find the commercial online, so I’ll briefly lay out the commercial: Goofus avoids checking bags …

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Our Freddie Award Picks

Below are our Freddie Awards ballots for general edification and mostly the amusement of our readers. Disclaimer: We don’t know about programs we haven’t tried. We mostly voted for the programs that made us feel special, not necessarily the ones who provided the most widespread value. YRMV. Best Promotion for Redemption …

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