Credit Cards

Deciding Whether Deals are Worth Going For

Every Deal Has an Opportunity Cost When pursuing deals, it’s important to remember there’s an opportunity cost to every deal.  What could you be doing instead of going after that deal?  Or more importantly, what deal are you giving up by going after another one? This is especially true with …

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Mastercard Releases Multi-Currency Prepaid Card

Straddling the categories of “would I actually use this” and “this is really cool,” a new prepaid debit card has the ability to hold five different currencies on it at once. The Multi-Currency Cash Passport is aimed at Frequent Travelers who prefer a debit card, but not the risk of losing …

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How do you destroy a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card?

I’ve often wondered how you would destroy a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.   It’s metal and I’m pretty sure my shredder would not appreciate that.  But I never really had reason to know, so I never inquired.  But, now I have a reason. My credit card number was stolen the other …

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