How do you destroy a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card?

I’ve often wondered how you would destroy a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.   It’s metal and I’m pretty sure my shredder would not appreciate that. 

But I never really had reason to know, so I never inquired.  But, now I have a reason.

My credit card number was stolen the other day.  Or rather, I suspect my card was “skimmed,” which is the process of using a credit card reader to basically make a copy of your card.  It is really hard to steal the numbers off a Chase Sapphire, and I haven’t really used it much online.  (I have used the Ultimate Rewards Mall, which you have access to because of the Chase Sapphire, but you do not need to use your card for that.)

I was impressed that Chase called me immediately.  I have had zero false alarms with them and this is the first time they called me about a stolen card.  I called them back (I never trust someone who calls and asks for personal information) and was told to immediately cut up my card.


I tentatively asked how I can do that to a metal card.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” the representative said.  “Do NOT try to cut up your card, we automatically send you an envelope and we’ll destroy it.”

And here it is:

How do you destroy a chase sapphire credit card?

My heart felt a little heavy as I placed the card in the envelope.  Goodbye card whose bonus gave me an amazing honeymoon.  Goodbye ole restaurant payment standby.  And hello to my new Chase Sapphire Credit Card.  I will travel the world with you.


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  1. Just peel the plastic layers off.

  2. We just had our CSP number stolen too! (though we use ours all over the place, all the time) Very inconvenient. The situation was very strange – I noticed $1500 worth of flights bought at in-person transactions in Atlanta (we’re in Baltimore) and called Chase up to dispute those charges. The customer service rep said they declined a $30 gas station transaction in Atlanta, but somehow these transactions were approved. Weird!

    Anyway, it was sad to say goodbye to those cards, though our nice, new, shiny ones arrived two days later. 🙂

  3. I’d say 3/4 merchants comment on my CSP when I hand it to them. “This is a heavy card!” A lot of people say it’s thick, which of course is not true… same as any other card.

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