Pilot Locks Self Out of Cockpit While Using Toilet

Air India Pilot locks self out of cockpit

Air India pilot locks self out of cockpit!

Ever pull over for a quick pit stop on a long trip to use the bathroom, only to discover you locked your keys in the car?  This happened to an Air India pilot, except instead of driving a car, he was “driving” an Airbus A320.

According to the Times of India, an Air India pilot locked himself out of the cockpit after taking a quick loo break.  After the pilot failed at trying to break back into the cockpit, the plane made an emergency landing.

Imaging being a passenger on that site and watching your pilot desperately attempt to get that door open!

This comes a month after a flight attendant flying the plane accidentally turned the auto pilot off while the two pilots slept in business class and two pilots landed in Mumba with no clearance.

This is also a year after Air India staff was found stealing alcohol and caviar, and living it up.

After all this, would you ever fly Air India?


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  1. Hi – To provide context, I do some travel writing myself (with an India focus), and up until quite recently, I used to hate Air India. I have no quarrel with your post, and to be honest, this kind of nonsense *does* happen with Air India. See this post for another outre happening: http://milesandevenmore.blogspot.in/2013/09/when-grouchy-crews-start-complaining.html (BTW, that’s my blog !)

    Having said that, I think it would help to balance things out. In particular, I have a different view on the last line of your post, about flying AI again.

    Sure, there are no heartwarming incidents you hear of, involving Air India. But they do have some decent chaps doing their bidding to retain status as India’s national carrier. And they’re giving a serious shot at turning truly professional, and not just on paper. You can see some of the other posts tagged “Air India” on my blog as well. They’ve also launched a new credit card that helps in the miles & points game. Of late, I’ve been inclined to fly with them, much more than my otherwise preferred Jet Airways. I’m not an Air India apologist (you’ll find many of them on FT), but I’d certainly fly them.

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