15% Cashback on Groupon with the Discover Card

The Discover Card’s ShopDiscover is currently giving 15% Cashback for Groupon Purchases!  Since Cashback can be redeemed for, well, cash, this results in 15% off every purchase you make on Groupon.

I think that everyone should have a Discover Card in their wallet for purchases like these.  There’s no annual fee and you can save Discover purchases for lucrative opportunities like these.

The difference between Discover’s CashBack on Groupon and the other points options is stark:

Keri and I both decided we should do a “spa day” together but both agreed that we should wait for a good special or sale.  Sure enough, a great deal popped up on Groupon.  We both searched evReward (like always!) to see what our best point options were.

Keri ended up getting 2 Ultimate Reward points per dollar on her purchase.  That’s nothing to sneeze at, but since she didn’t have a Discover Card, she missed out on the best deal–15% CashBack on Discover.  I whipped out my Discover Card and easily received the equivalent of 15 points per dollar, in cash.

Other areas where Discover’s Cashback beats out other offers by far:

TeleFlora gives you 10 Ultimate Rewards points (Chase) per dollar, but ShopDiscover gives you 20% Cashback.  Shoes.com will net you 9 Citi ThankYou points, but 15% CashBack on ShopDiscover.  Fannie May (no, not that one, the candy store) will net you 3-7 points per dollar normally, but 15% CashBack on Discover.

Remember, you can use evReward to check where the best offer is.  Since Discover has no annual fee, there’s no financial burden by taking it on as an extra credit card and you can get great deals.

The Discover Card also has a 5% Cashback bonus on different items throughout the year. 

To access ShopDiscover, log into your Discover account.  In the upper right hand corner, (but to the left of the Help Center), there will be a menu button for ShopDiscover.  Find the merchant through there, and be sure to use your Discover Card when you check out!

Mmm… Spa Day.

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  1. On the sign up, it says that the first $3000 purchase earn 0.25%, and then it’s 1% after that. Does 5% categories, and the 15% for select merchants through the portal, kick in after the $3000 or is it ready to go day one?

    • The 5% cash back promotion is calculated outside of the 1% (and in fact does not count towards the minimum spend) so it seems to me that you receive it no matter what as long as you signed up for the promotion that quarter (I cannot say with 100% authority though, but I haven’t seen anything in the terms and conditions that says otherwise).

  2. hmm I have an old discover card lying around…I might have to think about busting it out once in a while! 🙂

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