4-Pack of Travel Sized Toothpaste for $0.19 at CVS!

I just scored a four-pack of travel-sized Colgate Toothpaste for $0.19!  That’s less than 5 cents each.

I am about to take a trip and was running low on toothpaste anyway, so I made a toothpaste run to CVS.  I noticed that a few of the Colgate toothpastes offered $3 in extrabucks.  The signs specifically said “select Colgate toothpaste” so I assumed the signs were identifying which toothpastes worked with this deal.  So I made a mental note to pick up some extra later, but I really wanted to get my travel-sized ones and get home for dinner.

I grabbed the 4-pack, because at $3.19 a pop, it is much more economical than individually buying travel packs if you already know you will go through them quickly (and I’m on the road for work a lot).

I rang them up at the self-checkout and was surprised to see an extrabucks coupon pop out!  This are pretty much cash at CVS with the exceptions of prescriptions, alcohol, and any giftcards / money orders, etc.

And I realized I forgot to grab conditioner, so I could use that coupon right away.


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  1. Colgate Total has Triclosan in its formula. Please do not recommend this to anyone. Triclosan is banned in Europe and Canada.

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