Win Big in Vegas with Top Guest and Mlife

Keri posted about the bonuses Top Guest can bring you with airport and hotel check-ins.  During my last visit to Las Vegas, I found another good use for Top Guest.

I always forget to check into places for Top Guest benefits and Keri keeps (thankfully) reminding me.  I was booked into the Mirage in Vegas and made sure I checked in on arrival.  When I checked my Mlife account later, 500 points had posted.  Not only that, they were status qualifying points!

I didn’t know if this was a one-time thing so as I wandered back from another casino the next day, I checked into the Mirage again.  500 more points and again, status qualifying ones.  Awesome!

Edit:  Mlife is a hotel/casino loyalty card for a group of casinos in Las Vegas (and in a few other spots, like Detroit).  You can redeem points for rooms and experiences, and earn points through stays and gambling.

There’s a way to pair this with other deals to create a great Vegas experience.  There are new member bonus sign-ups usually for Mlife, and the one in the Mirage then was for two tickets to the LOVE Cirque du Soleil for 2,000 points.  I already had an Mlife account, so I couldn’t qualify for it, but I hit the 2,000 points for that just through Top Guest check-ins alone.  (LOVE also happened to be dark while I was there, which I was pretty sad about.  I wanted to check it out!)

If you don’t have an Mlife account, I recommend going to the casino that has the show or buffet you are interested in and checking out the new member specials there.  As for checking in, you don’t actually have to be a guest at the hotel.  You can stop by the Mirage to see the volcano, the roller coaster at New York-New York, or even the *shudder* clowns at Circus-Circus and check-in while there.  I don’t believe these check-ins stack if you go to more than one hotel, but I realized I didn’t go to any other Mlife hotels while there, so YMMV.

Either way, try it out.  If you go to Vegas often enough, you could grab status almost just from check-ins.  (It would take 50).


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  1. So for those of us who don’t frequent Vegas, what is Mlife? 🙂

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