When Your Routine Gets Thrown Off–Everything is Thrown Off

I used to travel for work quite a lot.

Now it’s intermittent.

When it was all the time I had a method and a set of rotating suitcases.

Certain things–shoes and toiletries–stayed in the suitcases while I swapped out clothing.

Now I’m not traveling quite as much and I just ran into a major snag on a work trip.

I’m on my way to my final destination and I remembered one major thing I forgot.


Any shoes whatsoever.

And I was traveling in my flip flops.

I arrived at my destination and desperately looked around for any sort of shoe store.  I even pulled up Google maps and started searching.

There was nothing within my destination and I had to meet with people immediately.


I show up to the meeting in my formal wear and flip flops.

It was a good ice breaker.

But definitely not my usual “travel style”.  My problem was I broke from habit.

Have you ever broken from your usual travel habits?  What negative effects did that have?

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  1. Love it! I’m sure you handled it well with humor. In a way it shows how silly things such as formal attire are. Why can’t we always just wear sandals?

    FCQ says helllo…..

  2. I have forgotten just about everything at least once. Most of the ties and belts I own are from the hotel gift shop (which never has the right size of belt).

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