Sleeping Pills + Alcohol != Success

I had to take anti-histamines after I had been drinking once.  Whoa was that a trip.  And I apparently tweeted while doing that.

So much so, whenever I tweet weird things, people start wondering if I mixed the two together and tweeted again.

Nah.  I’m really just that weird.

In that case, I wasn’t planning on having an allergic reaction, so being inebriated was poorly timed.

I also had a really surreal conversation with someone once who was out wine tasting at a festival, got stung by a bee, and then had to use her epi-pen.  Yikes.

But both of those were situations where the person couldn’t help it.

A first-class business-class (don’t trust the media on this one) passenger on a US Airways flight from Charlotte to London chose to take sleeping pills with three glasses of wine.  And given how they pour the wine in first-class on those flights, I’d say three was probably more like five.

Oh, and she also refused her meal.  So she was drinking on an empty stomach.

Above the Law has the scoop.

While on the flight she:

  • Damaged her seat
  • Tried to break through the window with her remote control
  • Stormed the cockpit
  • Broke out of her restraints…. twice.

This is some hulk stuff right here.

hulk smash first class

She was immediately arrested.  And immediately fired from her position at a prestigious law firm.

Her flight diverted and was cancelled, ruining the plans of everyone else on the airplane.  GG crazy-psycho lawyer lady.

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  1. No First Class on US Airways 🙂

    Not that I care. I don’t see the point in international First Class anyway.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      You know, you are right. This is how it’s being reported everywhere, but you are totally right.

  2. In my experience this combination should make you sedated pretty fast (and I’m a toxicologist so know what I’m talking about, and have been relying on it for surviving the redeyes in economy). Maybe Media got the sleeping pills wrong just like they did with the first class bit?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I’m not sure. And when I did Beny and alcohol, I was just loopy and definitely too sleepy to be THAT violent.

  3. Bennies are amphetamines (stimulants), valium a sedative. Alcohol is interesting as on its own relaxes before sedating but in mix enhances whatever pill’s effect is. Next lecture will be from the jail 🙂

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