TripAlertz 8% off Promo Code

TripAlertz is a travel booking website that has a  “Current Deals” section that offers Groupon-like deals on travel.  They just released a promotional code for 8% off any Current Deal purchase for the month of August.  The promo code is:  8OFFAUG

While you are at the whim of whatever they post for the rest of the month, you may find a great deal you want to use.  View from the Wing was able to use a deal on a hotel in San Francisco from TripAlertz to position for a flight.

I’m personally tempted by their shuttle flight:


At $95,000, the promo code gives you a savings of $7,600!

(Keri, before you have a heart attack, don’t worry!  Decided to forgo this deal).

If you sign up with my referral link, I’ll receive TripAlertz credit, but I will not be offended if you don’t use my link. 🙂


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