Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Easier

Here’s a round-up of travel tips over the last couple of years.  Feel free to bookmark/favorite to use as a reference later!

Keeping Track of All Your Loyalty Programs
Why You Should Always Join the Hotel Loyalty Program for Where You Are Staying
How to get the best deals on airfare



The Perfect Travel Bottle
Jeanne’s Carry-On Travel Essentials
Portable Power Sources

TravelPro SkyGlide Carryon sale


Snacks Made To Travel
In-flight tips and tricks
Creating An Inflight Picnic
TSA Security Tips For Women
Best Way To Acquire Foreign Currency
Track the Flight You Are On While in Airplane Mode!
What if I Don’t Have My ID at the Airport?

Airport_Travel_and_Related_024Salvaging Disasters

Navigating Customer Service
When Delays Make Your Trip Pointless
When Your Flight is Cancelled
How You Can Use the 24-Hour Cancellation Rule to Help in Bad Weather
Tips For Bad Weather and Holiday Travel
Why Where You Connect With US Airways Matters…. A LOT Fit

What if Your Hotel’s Gym is Out of Service (or non-existent!)
Weight Gain and Traveling
A Bit More About the FitBit




Airport_Travel_and_Related_001Airline Specific

A Guide To Flying US Airways
Do NOT Book with Expedia if You Want Your Upgrades on US Airways
How to Fly Spirit Airlines (If You Must)
Why You May Want to Get a US Airways Preferred Trial When Not Going for Status

Keri SNN Car RentalRental Cars

When Should You Spend $25 on a Rental Car Damage Waiver with AmEx?
How Rental Car Insurance Works with the Chase Ink
How Does the Chase Sapphire Rental Car Insurance Work for the Uninsured?


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  1. Your “How to fly spirit airlines (if you must) link is seems to be redirecting to the wrong page.

    otherwise this is all great and info and awesomely organized.

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