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Taking Heels Through Security

a woman's legs wearing high heels

I’ve had many over zealous TSA agents insist on inconsistent rules with my shoes.  But the one part they have in common is that my shoes should either be placed straight in a bin or flat on the belt.  These are the shoes I am wearing. Shoes: Please remove shoes before …

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TSA Let Weapons Through Security in 19 out of 20 Times in Tests

a metal barriers in an airport

Aka the TSA let 95% of weapons through security during tests.  Sorry, percentages seem to break things on WordPress. According to an ABC exclusive: An internal investigation of the Transportation Security Administration revealed security failures at dozens of the nation’s busiest airports, where undercover investigators were able to smuggle mock …

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TSA’s Notification Card Means Nothing

a man in a uniform

TSA has a notification card for people with disabilities so they can “discreetly communicate information about their needs to an officer’. This does not exempt you from any extra screening.  It’s more or a “hey FYI guys, I can’t stand on my own / I will set off the metal …

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“Do You Want to Target Men Interested in Panties?”

a police officer wearing a blue shirt and blue gloves

So, apparently I’m giving Facebook the wrong idea.  It’s taking my posts about TSA and is… well… assuming something completely different about the blog. I’ve been writing about the ridiculousness of TSA security–both on the passenger AND TSA side. So, yesterday, I wrote about how a woman tried to sneak …

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Sometimes Travel is Just Plain Surreal

a man standing in a field with the sun in the background

I had a 5am departure this morning out of Dallas, so I woke up a little bit before 3am to make sure I made it to the airport on time. By the way, I’m a huge fan of sketch comedy and a huge fan of Kids in the Hall and …

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Craziness Dealing with the TSA

an airplane in an airport

The TSA is a huge part of any frequent traveler’s life.  Yesterday, I wrote about how I had to argue with an agent that I was arriving on the correct day for my midnight flight. In the Google Hangout Launch Party, once we went “off-the-record,” we talked a little bit …

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