TSA’s Concern Because My RedEye Ticket Was For the Next Day

I recently had a bizarre situation when going through TSA security.

I had a red-eye back to DC shortly after midnight.  So technically, my flight left on the next day.

I went up to security and presented my ticket.  The TSA agent scanned my ticket and it properly beeped.

She was examining my ticket and suddenly looked alarmed.  She explained my ticket was for the next day and I shouldn’t be at the airport this early.

I pointed out that my ticket was a red-eye and I was leaving the next day.  She started handing my things back to me and then paused.

She looked at the ticket again.

She again told me that I can’t go to the airport a day early.  I pointed out that boarding happened on the current day, so in order to board properly, I had to technically be at the airport the day before.

Wrong word choice.   She quickly followed up with, “But you can’t go to the airport the day before.”

I pointed out that I would miss my flight if I went through security when it ended up being the “correct” date and that it’ll only have been that date for fifteen minutes.

She tentatively handed my papers back to me.  As I walked to the scanner, I kept seeing her looking back at me, as if she was wondering if I just tricked her.

I can’t possibly have been the only person coming through security on the red-eye!

I got to the airport a little early to enjoy the lounge–that’s the only thing I can think of.  Maybe she’s an earlier shift TSA agent who isn’t used to seeing red-eye tickets?

I know I would have gotten through if I had to ask for a supervisor.  But I’m still dumbfounded!


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  1. I guess anything is content these days?

  2. This is why TSA needs to hire more educated smart folks …

  3. Yet another reason for me to avoid red-eyes. 😉

  4. This reminds me of the TSA agent who didn’t know what the District of Columbia was. It doesn’t say much about their ability to notice something legitimately amiss when they don’t know basic things like this.


  5. “Maybe she’s an earlier shift TSA agent who isn’t used to seeing red-eye tickets?” Or, maybe she is just a moron.

  6. It was an idiot employee that simple follows rote procedures with no critical thinking skills. Security theater strikes again.

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