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The Creepiest TSA Agent Ever?

The band, Paul and Storm, shares this creepy encounter with a TSA representative at an airport. [P] Not at ALL creepy. Thanks, TSA! https://t.co/1WAm9mkBsc — Paul and Storm (@paulandstorm) January 26, 2015 I’m all for technology, but this triggered that uneasy-something-is-wrong-here part of my stomach. What do you think.  Cool …

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Itemize Your Luggage–Especially Your Panties

I’ve gotten a notice from TSA occasionally that my luggage has been searched.  And I’ve suspected but have been unable to prove that I’m missing some panties–usually some, ahem, lacier ones–when I get my bag back. But my friend just had an experience that moved my belief from paranoid to confirmed. …

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Are We Less Safe Because of the TSA?

Occasional contributor to Heels First, Art Carden, wrote an article for USA Today on why TSA doesn’t make us safer. Check out his article here. Changes to the Transportation Security Administration’s rules have made it easier for fliers to get through airport security. Even with these improvements, the TSA should be abolished. …

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Impostor TSA Agent Took Women into TSA Private Screening Area

This is scary.  Especially the fact that it took some time for the other agents to notice something was awry (Note: San Francisco uses a private screening agency). This takes place in San Francisco Airport. From the NY Times: THE man wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants stood casually inside a …

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Think You Can Speed Up Airport Security? Win $5,000

The Transportation Security Administration has $15,000 to give out for ideas to speed up security. From NBC news: The TSA will award one prize of at least $5,000 and others of at least $2,500 for the top ideas. Plus, the winner gets the satisfaction of knowing they’ve made the airline experience for …

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The TSA Doesn’t Understand Women’s Undergarments

Underwire Bra & Airport Security When I went through pre-check, I set off the metal detector.  When a pat-down revealed nothing on my person (and I was already barefoot), the TSA agents had me go through the metal detector.  I still set it off. The male TSA agent there asked me, “Do …

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Security Agent Catches Falling Baby at Airport

Or why you should be concerned about collecting your baby post-security checkpoint before your jacket. From Reddit.com: Redditers posted another angle of the shot too (bottom right of the frame): Is it just me, or does the father try to put the baby back onto the table before someone else …

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What if I Don’t Have My ID at the Airport?

Lost ID? Airport security will still take you. Lucky posted an amusing anecdote about a girl attempting to use her Situs Judi Slot Online profile as ID when going through airport security. But what do you do if you actually don’t have your ID with you? I had to quickly …

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