It Is Not Legal to Take Cocaine Through Security in Your Panties

Heels First just linked to an older post of mine explaining how it is technically legal to fill a bra with wine and take it through security.  Leave it to this lawyer to find a loophole.

A woman tried to take this a step further and attempted to bring cocaine through security in her undergarments.  Four pounds of it.

From PIX:

 While passing through security April 12, Guyanese citizen Olive Fowler became nervous as border patrol agents went through her suitcase, according to officials, and they took her to a private room for a physical search.

Upon inspection, CBP officers pulled roughly 4 lbs. of cocaine out of packages hidden in a girdle and the underwear she had under her clothing, officials said.

The street value of her unmentionables is over $70,000.

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  1. I have to admit that you have the absolute best headlines. Often good for a laugh. Thanks.

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