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My Day Helping AUS Airport With Their Operations

a woman in a safety vest and a man in a vest

aka, interrupting their operations to have a little fun. The Austin MegaDO is a really fun event.  It’s a good chance to run around bar hopping with other fellow avgeeks, plus participate in travel-nerdy activities. Like helping out at the airport. We got to make the boarding announcements.     …

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The List’s Coverage of the Dreamliner

Conor Knighton of the TV show The List came along on the flight of United’s brand new 787 Dreamliner. He does a good job of explaining the plane, at some point, describing it as a tube of plastic :P  (It actually makes sense!) If you look closely, you can catch …

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Checking out the Brand New 787 Dreamliner!

I know I gave you a preview of the Dreamliner in an earlier post—I was too excited to wait!  But I figured I would go more in-depth about my experience in United’s newest addition to their fleet. We arrived at the San Francisco airport (SFO) with a huge crowd of people also …

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MegaDO Posts from Around the Web

If you follow my twitterfeed at all, you saw me posting from the StarMegaDo4.  My laptop met an untimely demise while traveling (more on that later), so I attempted to catch up on a $200 computer I panic-bought at a Best Buy.  It didn’t really have much memory for photos, …

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