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Huge Warning for Using Priority Pass Select

The Priority Pass Select card is free with the American Express Platinum Card and allows you into even more lounges than the Platinum Card alone. The only difficulty with the card is that it only includes ONE person.  Guests cost an extra amount of money. This is why I paid …

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US Airways Clubs Rolling Out Complimentary Liquor

I was just chatting with the US Airways Club bartender at DCA and she let me know that they’ve quietly rolled out complimentary liquor in the lounge, matching their policies to American’s clubs. I’ve wondered if American’s clubs were going to drop their level of service to meet US Airways, …

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Review of The Club at PHX

I’ve been trying to use a lot of lounges I get with my Priority Pass Select membership with my American Express Platinum card.  In a nutshell, the card once provided American Airlines and US Airways lounge access to its card holders.  Now the card, with a hefty yearly fee of …

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What Lounges Can I Get Into?

An app is out there that will keep track of exactly what lounges you can get into at different airports. When you are the member of lots of airline programs, hold different memberships, and carry different credit cards, it becomes difficult to remember the rules for each card and what …

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