LoungeBuddy Giving Away Trip to HKG on Cathay; Releases Android App

LoungeBuddy Review

The LoungeBuddy team has been busy this week!  Not only are they giving away a trip to Hong Kong on Cathay, they have also released their long-awaited Android version.

LoungeBuddy is a cool app where you can enter in all your lounge memberships, what elite status you have, and what credit cards you own, and it spits out what lounges you can go into based on that.  It was previously an iPad-only app.

It has been my best friend while I’ve tried to figure out whether or not I should keep the AmEx platinum for the lounge access.

During the month of May, members of LoungeBuddy can enter to win the following prize package:

Flight to Hong Kong: Two (2) round-trip tickets from any Cathay Pacific gateway in North America to Hong Kong in Premium Economy.

Airport Lounge Access: Travel like the most travel-savvy, and access highly-acclaimed Cathay Pacific lounge(s) on your trip. In addition, get a private, guided tour of Cathay Pacific’s lounges at HKG.

Elite Status: After traveling like an Elite, be an official Elite by being granted Marco Polo Silver status. Forget mileage-runs and mile redemption tricks. The winner will be granted Marco Polo Silver status, which includes perks like access to Cathay Pacific Business Class and Dragonair lounges*, priority on waitlists, and priority baggage handling.

*Must be flying on Cathay Pacific or Dragonair

In addition, LoungeBuddy has released their app in the Android store.

Creating a great Android version has been a top priority for us, and we’re excited that the wait is finally over. On May 1st, 2014, the same day that our Cathay Pacific contest starts, we will be releasing LoungeBuddy on Android. This will allow more people the ability to find their airport oasis, and participate in the contest.

The Android version will have a very similar experience to the iOS version with the same functionality:

Comprehensive Coverage: Our LoungeBuddy Lounge Access Wizard cuts through the complex access rules for 1400+ lounges in 400+ airports to help all your travelers find their available lounges based on trip, class of service, elite statuses, lounge memberships, and credit cards.

Inside Look at Lounges: With the thousands of photos, reviews, and ratings already included in LoungeBuddy, your readers will be able to have inside views of lounges before they even enter them.

Lounge Tracking: Let your travelers keep track of where they’ve been by checking into lounges, and share their check-ins via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare. Airport lounges just got social.

I use an iPad and an Android cell phone.  I tend to check into Foursquare on my cell phone and switch to my iPad to check for lounges.  I found that once my Foursquare app from my Droid syncs up with my iPad, the LoungeBuddy app automatically provides me with the lounges in my airport.

My parents are Android users and I’ve been trying to help them understand what lounges their AmEx platinum cards get them into.  Now, I just need to program their information into their Android phones, and they will be all set.

I also wouldn’t mind winning a trip to Hong Kong.  And here are the Ts and Cs on that promotion.



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  1. It should be noted that the Android version is not released yet.

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