Man Uses Single First-Class Ticket to Eat in Lounges for a Year

I’ve heard of people getting refundable tickets so they can use their lounge access, but I’ve never heard of someone getting a refundable first-class ticket to get lounge access for an entire year.

Lounges in the United States tend to require some sort of membership or credit card, but in the rest of the world, first-class tickets tend to be your ticket into lounge access.

In this case, the man was able to change his ticket 300 times to take advantage of the VIP lounge in Xi’an in Shaanxi, China.  

Photo Oct 28, 4 00 08 PMIn the past, Tiff and I have considered getting really cheap Spirit tickets to Houston out of Dallas, just so we could hang out in the Centurion Lounge at DFW.  (Hey!  That plan is cheaper than going to the bar and paying for drinks and appetizers).  But this guy’s plan is clearly above and beyond our creative thinking.

Technically, it doesn’t appear he was breaking any rules by doing this.

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  1. Didnt know spirit flew to Houston from dfw

  2. Did this guy work at the airport or have to drive or train there everyday? Would be a great deal if he worked at the airport but if not, wonder how much it cost him to get there over his 300 visits.

  3. I love reading a story on one BoardingArea blog and then reading the exact same thing the next day on a different BoardingArea blog! Theres nothing more informative than reading the same recycled story!

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