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Ever Have Loyalty Program Related Nightmares?

I had a nightmare so intense about loyalty programs, that it woke me up. But the crazy part is this stuff doesn’t really mean this much to me in real life. Here’s what happened. Tiff and I went out for the night in Dallas.  We decided that rather than drive back …

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Why AAA is Better than Diamond with Hyatt Sometimes

In addition to being a card-carrying Diamond member with Hyatt, I’m also a AAA member. I’ve been a AAA member even though I just bought my first car in four years. While Hyatt offers a Diamond rate at many properties, I’ve more commonly received a discount through AAA.  But that …

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Strange Updates re: the Hyatt All-Inclusives

Today, I called to upgrade my Hyatt All-Inclusive Stay into a real suite.  The Diamond Line representative told me there’s a lot of confusion about the All-Inclusives and to try calling back sometime in December.  My stay at one of the all-inclusives is sometime in December. I did not have time to …

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Understanding Hyatt’s 48 Hour Diamond Guarantee

Hyatt has a 48-hour guarantee for rooms for Diamonds and 72-hour guarantee for Platinums.  This means as long as you book ahead of that window, you are guaranteed a room. What does this guarantee mean? First, it means you pay the Hyatt Daily Rate for the reservation, which can be …

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