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Today, I called to upgrade my Hyatt All-Inclusive Stay into a real suite.  The Diamond Line representative told me there’s a lot of confusion about the All-Inclusives and to try calling back sometime in December.  My stay at one of the all-inclusives is sometime in December.

I did not have time to do the HangUpandTryAgainTrick, so I asked a reader who was booking a trip on points there to let me know what happened with his bookings.

Mommy Points did a breakdown of the point structure of Hyatt’s All-Inclusives, and it made sense.

You pay one price for the room in points, and 10k-12.5k for additional people.  If you book one of the all-inclusives for one person, it is about $130 cheaper than for two people.  So 10-12.5k points being equivalent to $130 makes sense.

But the reader found out something shocking while trying to book his point stay.  Look at the chart.

All-Inclusive Redemption


We’ve been reading this chart as telling you how many additional points you have to pay per additional person.  That’s not what it literally says, or how the phone rep took it.

It says “Additional points per Person”.  Not for the second person, or additional people, but they are literally saying it would be 10k points per person to go to Los Cabos.  So a romantic vacation for two there would be 40,000 points per night.

Cancun resortThe reader tried hang up and try again which only made things more and more confusing.  Some agents seemed to be confusing it with the old Hyatt redemption where you could use your points to also add meals to your stay.  Others had no clue.

One told him that his 20k points just got him a room, but it took 10k per person for anyone to be able to stay in it.  That way of putting it made me laugh.  Maybe some frequent travelers who are rich with points book empty rooms for laughs and giggles.

I will keep you posted as things get clarified and figured out, because it seems like there’s a lot of clarification that needs to go on at Hyatt too.

I’ll also continue trying with my suite upgrade until there’s clarity.

There’s another strange thing going on.  It is possible that the Zilara is sold out through the next month, but when I search for rooms now, I get:

Zilara not avaliable


I can’t find any availability until sometime in December.  The same time frame the representative told me to call back during.


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  1. It sounds like the Additional Points per Person is the All Inclusive Fee that you would see if you were exchanging a time share. But if it is, why not just call it that?

  2. I think the “Single or Double Occupancy” at the top of the chart makes it pretty clear that one or two people are included in the base points rate. Only a 3rd or 4th person would be charged the additional points per person.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I agree with you that it reads exactly like you say it does, and that was my assumption beforehand. But after seeing this back and forth with the agents, it doesn’t appear to be how the intend it in practice–which is confusing and misleading.

  3. I emailed Hyatt gp via ft and also called gp both say hotel is fully committed until dec.

  4. I booked a stay at the Zilara for next year. I was charged 25K points per night and my reservation shows 2 people.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      That’s really good to hear. I messaged the people who were being told 50k for the Zilara per night for two people and told them to try again today.

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