Even More Savings at Brookstone Today Only

A few days ago, I highlighted a LivingSocial certificate for Brookstone.  I found out this deal stacks with one of Brookstone’s coupons that expires today.

BrookstoneThe LivingSocial deal gives you a $50 certificate for $25.  But use the coupon WEEKEND15 for 15% off

The LivingSocial deal will give you a gift certificate, not a coupon code.  So once you go to the website, pick out your items, and check out, first apply the coupon code 8GIR8Y.  This should take $20 off.  Then when checking out, you put your Living Social certificate into the gift card spot.  This gives you a total of a $70 purchase for $21.25 (and may apply towards shipping).

This worked for me, but YMMV.  If they didn’t intend these savings to stack, they may end the ability at any time.  IT wise, though, since one applies to the promo code and the other applies to the gift card area, I doubt they will make stacking unavailable.

Disclaimer: If a few people buy this deal, I may get mine for free.  I recommend it regardless, and feel free to go to the LivingSocial website directly to get the deal.

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  1. The $20 off coupon code already says that the redemption limit has been reached. Booo

  2. You forgot to mention going through a shopping portal website. As an example, you will get an additional 15% off the 25 certificate you buy if you use Discover because they offer 10% off the Livingsocial website, and an additional 5% online for the rotating category..

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