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Find an Irish Pub Anywhere in the World

a wall with signs and air conditioner

I studied abroad in Moscow.  And while I loved the experience, sometimes it got a little lonely. I took a short trip to St. Petersburg which was amazing.  But I was still feeling kind of lonely. Then I came across a beautiful thing. I turned a corner and there was …

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A Major Change to My Travel Habits

a glass with a drink in it

Nope, I’m not pregnant. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to try all the different cuisines and cocktails at my destination. And take photos of everything, of course. Mmmm…. But I’ve been dealing with some autoimmune issues lately.  In my last appointment with my doctor, he …

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Even More New Stores and Restaurants at DC-Area Airports

The MWAA has announced a new set of stores and restaurants opening at Reagan and Dulles. Here’s the new set from the Press Release: New/Enhanced Options Coming to Dulles International in 2015 Food and Beverage Bracket Room Sports Bar & Grill – Upscale sports lounge and eatery fusing a stylish environment with …

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Meat Filled Donuts in Old Town Alexandria

a group of meatballs with sauce on a wooden surface

Yesterday, I dropped by John Strongbow’s Tavern in Old Town Alexandria, and it turned out they just released a new menu (not reflected on their site yet). I saw an item, Strongbow’s Fritters, which promised to be something that crossed donuts and meat.   This was my most literal usage …

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Where is the Best Barbecue in Austin?

a plate of food on a table

Where’s the best barbecue in Austin?  Gary at View from the Wing wrote about a new barbecue place that popped up in Austin, Terry Black’s Barbecue. While it did not live up to his standards, he mentioned a couple of favorite barbecue places in the Austin area– Black’s Barbecue (different) …

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Food and Wine Festival

Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Food and Wine Festival The second annual Food & Wine Festival is currently taking place at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and I had a chance to check it out. The Food & Wine Festival is happening until June 29th on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Samples start at $3 and …

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