Find an Irish Pub Anywhere in the World

I studied abroad in Moscow.  And while I loved the experience, sometimes it got a little lonely.

I took a short trip to St. Petersburg which was amazing.  But I was still feeling kind of lonely.

Then I came across a beautiful thing.

shamrock bar

I turned a corner and there was an Irish bar in front of me… full of Americans.  (How American, am I right?)

I entered and I was flanked by Yankees and Canucks alike.

The Irish Bar, called Shamrock, served hamburgers made with beef from the United States.

It ended up being about $30 for a hamburger, but it felt like home.

It was the first Irish pub I had been to, though, that served pelmeni.

After that, I discovered a website that lets you find an Irish pub pretty much anywhere.

And yes, I travel for the culture and for the food of where I’m going.  But sometimes you just need a bit of home and familiarity.

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