How Traveling Restricted My Eating Habits Enough to Expand Them

One thing I’ve been really nervous about is eating out with friends with my new dietary restrictions.  I really don’t want to be that person, but I’ve tried to challenge myself by eating out at my favorite places and staying within the parameters of what I need to eat.

Which turned into a hamburger with no bun and a salad at every place I went to.  And I kinda hate salad.

Still, I was impressed with my ability to still eat within what I needed to eat without thinking about my complete lack of variety whatsoever.

But then when I picked up my travel, I was facing the unknown.  I needed to make food decisions at places I’ve never been before.  And sometimes I was too restricted to jump to my normal default.

Which was great.

For example, I just had an amazing meal with a close friend.  She suggested a seafood place that she said was great for dietary restrictions.

I was up for seafood because I hadn’t gone to a seafood place since I had to limit what I ate, but I was also nervous I was going to have to be that person when ordering.

I asked a waiter a question about the cauliflower, and he immediately zoomed in on my dietary needs.

I ended up getting a seared ahi tuna with asparagus over a cauliflower risotto.  It was incredible.

I wasn’t expecting to like it enough for a photo, so I apologize for it being partially eaten.


ahi tuna



For the first time in a while, I found myself scooping up every item on the plate.  It was delicious.  I wasn’t eating to sustain myself.  I was eating for enjoyment.

And these were all items I’d never have ordered otherwise.

Now I know tuna is in my arsenal and I know that cauliflower risotto is a thing.  In fact, last night, I made roasted pork in a cream sauce over cauliflower risotto and it was mmmm…

A definite contrast to the usual pasta-heavy Italian cooking I do, but a way to bridge how I’m use to cooking to how I must eat now.

And I wouldn’t have known about it if I didn’t travel there.

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  1. Not sure why you have dietary restrictions (gluten?) but I laughed at your photo. Often I’m so hungry that, by the time I remember to take a photo, the food is half (or all) gone.


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