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park hyatt paris vendomeWhen I called up to see if there was space for an extra night at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, I ended up with three nights at the hotel–the minimum for booking a suite with points.  So I asked if a suite was available, and to my amazement, it was!

I didn’t fully let on to my mom how nice our room was going to be, but I did suggest they were able to get us a room that was a little bit bigger.

We cabbed to the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, which was much less conspicuous than I expected.  In fact, we could have walked right past if it were were on foot.

We walked up to the front desk, and when I pulled out my wallet,  I realized that–in the heat wave–my metro ticket melted up against my wallet.  (I wish I were joking).  There was ink all over, but thankfully it was vinyl.

The front desk clerk immediately ran and grabbed a towel and wash solution.  I was embarrassed that she insisted on cleaning it, but was so happy that she was able to get the stain completely out.  That’s customer service!

Check-in was quick and a staff member started walking us up to our room.  We started pulling our bags after us and he was immediately distressed, “We have people to carry those for you!”

The New Yorkers in us kept insisting that we’d carry them, but eventually, we acquiesced and passed our bags to the bell staff.

To say the room took our breath away would be an incredible understatement.

It was a one-bedroom, two bathroom suite with two long couches and two balconies.


There were gold accents and small bronze figurines.  As my mom put it, “I feel like Ginger Rogers!”

There was tons of storage space, and the living room was more spacious than we could fill!

There were cookies left for us as a welcome gift, in addition to the wine they were sending up as my Diamond Amenity.

They offered a half-bottle of red wine as the Diamond Amenity.  When deciding what we wanted, my mother and I had discussed how she prefers white wine over red.


They sent up a bottle of white wine!

We each claimed our own couch in the living room.



And even though we were given a king bed here, with the room to spread out, we were more than fine with sharing.


There was plenty of seating in the bedroom, and plenty of storage space there too.  The back of the desk lifted up to reveal a cornucopia of outlet space.



The closets also had a wall controlled curtain that you could set to drop down to hide your closet items when you didn’t want to stare at them.

There was a separate entrance to two separate balconies from each room.

And the view from the balconies was great!  (Not to mention, was covered in bright ivy.)

And the room had interesting bronze figurine accents to all fixtures.

There were cool privacy walls that you could leave open when getting ready in the bathroom, but slide close for some privacy when you shower.  (The toilet had its own room.)



In addition to a toilet and sink in the bathroom, there was a sink in the shower!


The products were Blaise Mautin and the towels were incredibly soft.  (I’m so glad someone got me towels just as soft as a gift–otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to return home!  Thanks Jenn and Karen!)

I ignored the fact that there was a scale, but loved the sponge.

Each of the rooms had its own drawer full of espresso pods and coffee makers, so my mother and I could make our own coffee.  And the coffee cups were tucked neatly into the drawer too.

We also had two bottles of water at each coffee station.


And then with the turn down service, they placed bottles of water at either side of the bed.

As a diamond, we got room service daily, and made sure to toss some macarons each day.

The first day, we both got eggs.  My mother got poached eggs with bacon, and I got scrambled eggs with emmental cheese and potatoes.  Our meals came with an overflowing basket of bread.

The second day, I decided to get cheese instead of the eggs, which was a good call given how heavy our meals had been lately.  My mother repeated her breakfast order from the day before.

We didn’t have breakfast at the hotel on the third day.

I definitely felt like a princess in this room, and we were both sad to leave it.    This was definitely one of those experiences you save up points for!


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  1. but you are spamming the site. is there a way to opt out of seeing your constant posts, or can you ease back a bit???

  2. Wow! This looks identical to the suite we had for four nights at the end of August. It wasn’t 239-241. Was it?

    We had a great time, too. As a Diamond, we were going to have room service, too, but the breakfast spread and service downstairs was just too good!

  3. Great report, but some of your photos appear horizontal when they should really be flipped vertically. Server problems?

    Also, did you feel under-dresses going into the hotel in really casual clothing?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I’ll check that out. We’ve been trying a gallery style of photos, so it’s possible that doesn’t work on all browsers.

      We were wearing dresses and skirts, which seemed to be right along the median style of dress there.

  4. Curious, were the macaroons part of the Diamond Breakfast amenity or an extra charge? We’re headed there in December for our one year anniversary and would love to throw in macaroons into our daily breakfast routine!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      The breakfast covers the cost of two American breakfasts. The American breakfast came with a huge bread basket and fruit salad (and the coffee or cappuccino). We ordered one American breakfast, an extra cappuccino, an order of eggs, and the macarons–and that was within the cost of room service/

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Oh and I just remember, I believe a friend of mine asked for the macarons instead of the breadbasket and got them.

      The breadbasket is really good though too 😛

  5. Who was your waiter for breakfast? We stayed 5 nights in June and had the wonderful Victor, who couldn’t have been more charming and helpful. On our last morning Victor brought french toast made with brioche for “dessert”. A real highlight of our Paris vacation. And those eggs!

  6. Great pictures! We can’t wait for our stay in December. As far I know, you can’t redeem suite upgrades on award nights…how did you do it?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      If your stay is three nights or longer, you can pay extra points for a suite. So it was expensive points wise (33k a night total) but it was worth it for the trip with my mom! I don’t usually use points for suites, but I wanted to give her a once-in-a-life-time experience

  7. So, did you tip? Bell boys, waiters, cleaning staff?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I did. I did two euro each day for cleaning staff, 5 euro for bags, over 20% for waiters for room service, but I also recognize I’m an overtipper. (I’m an ex bartender). I tipped a bit less in restaurants, but when people are delivering things to the room, I tend to tip a bit, even in Euruope.

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