My Favorite Restaurant in DC (That you should try too!)

I wanted to share a great restaurant in DC–Dino in Cleveland Park, off the Red Line.

Washington, DC has great restaurants, but I’ve always had trouble finding a good Italian Restaurant in DC.  About four years back, I had the opportunity to try Dino’s. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Dino’s describes themselves as:

Dino supports artisan producers & traditional foods.

We prefer& locally grown heirloom varieties and organically grown foods.  

Dino serves meat & fish from sustainable farms & fisheries.

But since I’m a huge believer in “show-don’t-tell,” here are some dishes from my Brunch with Keri last week.

Restaurant in DC, Italian Restaurant in DC

Duck Fat Fried Potatoes.  We insisted on eating this whole thing.  It was just a side to our meals (which we ate too quickly to photograph–of course,) but we insisted on eating the whole thing.

We thought we were full and finished until we saw:

restaurant in DC, italian restaurant in DC

Three types of homemade gelato.  Cinnamon, pistachio, and chocolate.  My favorite was the cinnamon, and Keri’s was the chocolate.  Keri isn’t usually a huge fan of chocolate either!

I don’t usually order dessert when I go out, but I always (despite insisting to myself otherwise) end up ordering dessert at Dino’s.

restaurant in dc, italian restaurants in DC

The brunch special was $9 unlimited mimosas…

restaurant in dc, italian restaurants in DC

Or Bloody Mary’s (made with San Marzano tomatoes!)

It may also be the friendliest restaurant in DC.  Dean Gold the chef/owner and his wife Kay are always chatting with the guests.

And it’s one of the more affordable restaurants in DC too.  Just check out these deals:

3 Course Dinner ~ Every Night, All Night Long
Order Starter & Main, enjoy complementary house cello & your dessert is half off {or enjoy half off on any after dinner spirit}

$9 Bottomless Bloodys & Mimosas w/Sunday Brunch 11am ’til 3pm

“Three for All” Happy Hour at Bar ~ From Open ’til 7:00 ~
$3 Off ALL Cocktails, 8 oz Wines, Beers, Antipasti + $6 Daily Special Cocktail

Burger & a Brew for $15! ~ Every Night at the bar

Wine Madness 33% off wines $50+ ~ Sunday & Mondays

Free Corkage & $18 Wine Special ~ Monday ’til Wednesday {w/dinner}

So my tl/dr is: you should try this restaurant the next time you are in town AND you should invite me and Keri.  It seriously is my favorite restaurant in DC.

Now for some lower-quality photos of food porn:

restaurant in DC, italian restaurant in DC restaurant in DC, italian restaurant in DC restaurant in DC, italian restaurant in DC restaurant in DC, italian restaurant in DC restaurant in DC, italian restaurant in DC restaurant in DC, italian restaurant in DC Mmm... dessert in DC Mmm... dessert in DC Mmm... dessert in DC

By the way, I got engaged there AND that’s where our parents first met.  So, meet you there next time you’re in DC?


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  1. Great food and great service! We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Dino’s.

  2. We went there the night we got engaged, too! Have you had their lasagna? It’s unlike anything I’ve ever had and so delicious. I love starting with their buffalo mozzarella, too.

    Filomena is another great DC Italian restaurant worth a visit, if you haven’t yet dined there.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I’ve stolen some from someone else who ordered it, and it was amazing! One of those horrible camera phone pictures is my friend’s order.

      I keep finding myself ordering whatever duck is on the menu or whatever is made with seasonal fresh veggies. And of course the mozzarella, mmm!

      I haven’t been to Filomena, and I will check it out!

  3. Awesome! I read your blog daily and am looking forward to trying Dino’s out. My husband and I are heading to DC for the 4th of July and will be staying for several days. If you’re serious about meeting up for a meal, let me know! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Only one half of Heels First is around this weekend (me) but if I’m available, sure! (I’ve been procrastinating a bunch on figuring out my weekend plans…)

  4. In re: the spirit of “tl;dr”, if you’re going to include one, it needs to be the first paragraph. 🙂

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I did that with full knowledge and intention to defy the rules ;P (which makes it worse, not better!)

  5. Yup, agree, used to live in CP and loved Dino. Also love Medium Rare 🙂

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