Wine: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

a_toast_2CROPTiff’s posts on Spirit’s wine-in-a-can inspired me to group together all the interesting wine tastings we’ve done during the tenure of this site.  Sometimes we’ve posted because it was so amazing we wanted to share the wine with the world–other times, ….it was wine in a can.

Here are some of our adventures:

The Good:

  1. Wine Tasting Hyatt’s Canvas Wines
  2. South American Wine Tasting At FTU
  3. Mendoza Trip Report #6: Day 1 of Wine Tasting
  4. Mendoza Trip Report #8: Day 2 of Wine Tasting
  5. Have a Winery Experience at Home

The Bad:

  1. Epcot as an adult: eat, drink, and be merry (The Epcot Wines)

The Ugly:

  1. The Quest Begins: “Tiff, Do You Like Spirit’s Wine in a Can?†“I Do Not Like Them, Jeanne-I… well, maybe just one.â€
  2. The Quest for Spirit Wine in a Can: The (Mis)Adventure Begins!
  3. Y U NO LIKE SPIRIT AIRLINES?: The Quest for Canned Wine Continues
  4. The Saga Ends: Does Tiff Like Spirit’s Wine in a Can?


  1. Weekend in Napa: Freemark Abbey Release Party, Bubbles, and Becoming a Cellarmaster
  2. 3 Days In Singapore: Blind Champagne Tasting On The Flight Home
  3. Dry Creek Valley With Delta Diva
  4. The Un-official ChampagneDO: Video Edition!
  5. Champagne Wishes and Travel Dreams – a Bubbly Get-Together
  6. Best Bubbly in the Skies


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