Monster Brand Headphone Splitters–Two for $4 Today!, brainchild of the creator, has Monster Brand Headphone Splitters for $4 for two splitters today.

The retail price on these is technically $50, but they are available for $22 on Amazon.

This is a great deal because these splitters also have independent volume control and a special casing so you don’t bend your earbuds to death.

The independent volume is clutch.  With regular splitters, if one person’s earphones accidentally come loose, you get twice the volume in the remaining earphones all of a sudden.  Oops.

earphone splitters

The only problem with these is their bulky-size.  But they are durable, will prevent ears from having large bursts of noises (especially important for the kiddos), and it’s supporting an awesome start-up company.

Shipping is $5 but shipping on the site is free if you subscribe as a VIP ($5/month).  If you think there’s a chance you’d get something else on Meh for the next month, it’s worth signing up and creating a calendar reminder to tell yourself to cancel.

Thanks to Matthew C. for showing me this!

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  1. Your email post received at 4am. Sale of splitters over.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Yikes, sorry about that. I need to find a way to push out the newsletter sooner if there’s something timely in it.

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