Expedia No Longer Offering No Deductible Rental Insurance

A reader just commented that they were unable to find Expedia’s no-deductible rental insurance on their website–and it appears they’ve gotten rid of that benefit.  In May, I wrote about their new no-deductible option.  Apparently, it ended up being short-lived (for whatever reason).

Now, while the rental insurance is the same cost, it comes with a $250 deductible for accidents.

Still not terrible for not having to go through your insurance company (it is still primary), but no where near the amazing deal it was.

expedia collision 2


Compare this to the way it recently was:

Expedia Zero Deductible


When you look at the terms and conditions, it is the old set of T&Cs from before they introduced the deductible.

I’m going to stick to using a credit card for my car insurance now.

Edit:  I reached out to Expedia about this, since it was so short-lived.  They explained that their current plan is inline with their competitors currently.  I am still trying to chase down a more specific response.

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