Mobile Passes Discontinued on Gogo

Mobile passes were one of the great deals on Gogo. 

You paid half price for a pass in exchange for only being able to use your cell phone in flight. 

Especially since I’ve learned to do more things on my phone (including blogging – – sorry for the autocorrects),  I’ve been relying on this option. 

I had used this option on my last flight. When I went to purchase another now,  I didn’t find it on the list. 

a screenshot of a ticket

Gogo is really great at being responsive on Twitter so I asked them and they confirmed that the options I am seeing are the current  options.   They gave no indication at to whether the mobile passes have been permanently removed, which suggests to be that business decision hasn’t officially been made yet. 

Either way,  I’m disappointed.   I won’t spend money on a full pass just to be on my cell phone.


a screenshot of a social media post

Did anyone else use that option often? 

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  1. I hadn’t noticed it, being monthly I just log in, but maybe it will mean adequate speed for the full price users returns. Since software is out there to share a mobile connection with a laptop it was certainly an option to upscale your benefit without paying. I’ve got a dozen Gogo enabled flights left for October so will have to check it out.

  2. Bummer that they discontinued that service. Was definitely the best deal. But the REAL bummer is that they increased pricing. Now it’s $19 for internet in flight. Used to be $16

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