Amazon Prime Subscribers: Get 6-Month Washington Post Subscription Free (Digital Version)

Amazon Prime is now offering 6-months of access to the Washington Post for free.  Please note, this is done as a free trial, so you will get charged after 6-months if you don’t cancel.  (I like to set a meeting request for myself to cancel on my own calendar).

This is for the digital edition only, and for new subscribers.

From the Wa-Po press release:

Amazon today announced that Prime members can now enjoy six months of free unlimited access to The Washington Post National Digital Edition, a subscription usually retailing for $9.99 per month. After the first six months of access to world-class national and international news, Prime members can continue to enjoy unlimited digital access with a discounted monthly subscription rate of only $3.99, a savings of 60% per month.

“Offering free access to new subscribers through Prime allows us to connect with millions of members nationwide who may not have tried The Post in the past,†said Steve Hills, President and General Manager, The Washington Post. “With this special offer, Prime members can see firsthand why more than 50 million people monthly choose The Washington Post as their source for news.â€

I just signed up myself, and it’s basically a digital newspaper.  It is easy to navigate, like a website, but the UX/layout definitely suggests a newspaper.  I kinda like this because I realized by reading all my news through Google news, I’m just seeing the type of articles I usually read.

Just don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to subscribe long-term!

free washington post subscription

Hat tip to reader Matt C.

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  1. As Wikileaks is destroying the mainstream media’s credibility on a daily basis, the newspapers offer free subscriptions to artificially inflate their readership numbers. Back in the day, you could assume their motive was to charge forgetful readers after the trial period ended. Now, it’s probably to make their business look more attractive to corporate raiders.

  2. looks like Washington Post is in deep trouble. They first offered $50 off $50 credit in AMEX offer. Now free subscription here. That sounds desperate to me.

  3. I was thinking about subscribing to them anyway. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Ignore Pat. The Washington Post has been critical this election, as have other traditional newspapers, in doing real reporting that isn’t being done elsewhere. Give them money.

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