Marketing is Even Good at Targeting My Dog

This is one of those things where I can’t actually believed it happened, but it did.

My puppy likes to “help mommy write,” and by that I mean, she likes the click sound my mouse makes, so she will try to jump up and click the mouse.

Today, I got up to grab something, and she hopped on the couch with my laptop.

And I can’t make this up.

This is how I found her.

Moxie with puppy website

Let me zoom this in.

Moxie dog food

She was on a dog food website.

Now, the boring-normal-probably-what-happened explanation is that since I buy dog supplies for Moxie online, there was probably an ad on the sidebar of Facebook for their dog food.  And in Moxie’s clicking excitement, she just happened to click on dog food.

But it also was food time for Moxie.  So I’m a little suspicious my dog might be a genius-mastermind (or at least the dog equivalent).

So if you ever see a blog post that reads:


Be a little suspicious.  It might not really be me.

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