Family Locator App Now Lets You Track Flights for Free (and why it’s good for all travelers)

Sygic has a product called Family Locator that allows you to keep tabs on where everyone is.

family tracker

It lets you see where all your family members are.  It can also alert you once they reach their destination safely.

From the app description:

Family Locator – GPS Phone tracker app lets your family be in touch and stay connected with your friends anytime.
✓ See the real-time location of your family & friends
✓ Share free messages with your family and kids finder app
✓ In need send/receive SOS with exact location
✓ Get notification, when your kid reaches destination
✓Mark safe zones such as school, or home on the map
✓Create your own groups in the app (of your kids, friends, or colleagues)
✓ Receive alerts when kids go where it’s not safe
✓ See the location history of family members during past 7 days (available as an in-app purchase)
✓ Easy real-time tracking of your stolen or lost phone
✓ Find your phone easily using your friend’s phone

The app also had a feature letting you know the progress of everyone’s flights–but for an extra fee.

I read that through a partnership with FlightAware, they are now making that portion free.

So, why do I–a non-family traveler–find this app fascinating?

Well, I travel with lots of people sometimes, and we all end up wanting to wander off temporarily, doing our own thing.

What inevitably happens is that we start just missing each other–or waiting for each other just feet away–and have to do a lot of coordination just to reconnect after we separate.

I could see this app as a great solution to that coordination problem.

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  1. I like looking at travel apps and this one seems like it could be beneficial. I looked at their site to see if it works on an iPad with just a GPS chip and only using wi-fi. I can use my iPad as a GPS with downloaded maps and no active internet connection. It would be great if this app worked the same way.

  2. I hate using apps that require GPS, it takes too much power out of battery life.
    While in the USA I rely on T-mobille which offers family locator at a $10 monyjly fee.

  3. I don’t know that I would want someone tracking my every movement, especially co-workers, but I’d feel obligated to say yes, and begrudgingly if asked. Maybe you have a hobby that you don’t want to share, like cosplay, or knitting, or model trains, I don’t know. You get some free time, and you really don’t want to share it with your co-workers. Now you’re stuck not being able to indulge on your own time. Or maybe you want to visit a friend in town, but don’t want to have to deal with making excuses to your group. Just playing devil’s advocate.

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