Ticketmaster Releases Shows You Can Use Vouchers On–And They’re Good! (450 shows)

We weren’t really expecting much from the Ticketmaster shows.  But Bob Dylan?  Mumford and Son?  The Cure?  Holy crap.

Ticketmaster gave free vouchers to people who have previously purchased tickets through their website due to a settlement over Ticketmaster’s fees.

(If You’ve Used Ticketmaster, You Probably Have Free Tickets in Your Account)

Consequence of Sound has the scoop on what concerts are eligible.

Today, Ticketmaster revealed an initial list of the 450 shows for which the free vouchers can be used. And surprisingly, there’s some big names included: The Cure, Black Sabbath, Mumford and Sons, Bob Dylan, Flight of the Conchords, Prophets of Rage, “Weird Al” Yankovich, Brand New with Modest Mouse, Blink-182, Weezer, Duran Duran, Hall and Oates, and Gary Clark Jr. are all included.

You can see all of the eligible shows through this link.  I seriously was not expecting the offering to be this good.

Get your tickets now.  Heck, plan your travel around a concert.

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  1. yeah, shows that are out in the f-ing boondock. good luck finding a single gig in say NYC

  2. Meh… The list of artists is impressive, but the list of venues and dates available so far is NOT AT ALL. There are exactly ZERO venues in the three largest markets (NYC, LA, Chicago), and most of the “great” concerts available are on weeknights. TM may have settled, but it looks like they are still going out of their way to make sure as few fans as possible get to cash in on the results of the class action. Typical.

  3. Tried voucher on 3 different concerts. Unable to apply vouchers to any of them.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Yeah, the site is erroring majorly. My friend and I are trying to apply. We think it is an IT fail.

  4. Hey ding dongs, buy tickets and flip them. duh

  5. What a joke. Can’t get anything to work on any of the concerts on the list

  6. Have 30 or so vouchers, none of them work.. has anyone had any luck yet?

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