Amazon’s Anti-Trust Settlement = Free Credit in Your Account Now

Coming up on the tails of Ticketmaster’s free tickets for previous purchases (but executed a lot better), Amazon has automatically deposited gift cards into the accounts of people who were considered interested parties in the settlement of their anti-trust case.

This lawsuit was brought by the state attorney general and the class of plaintiffs (us) who may have previously purchased ebooks through Amazon.

My mother and I share a Kindle, so I haven’t purchased that much through my Amazon account, but I do buy business books through my own account.

I got $4 in credit from that.

My mom got significantly more than that.


You can find your own credit here.

The credit is automatically applied, so you don’t have to do anything.  This is much better than the current situation with Ticketmaster, where their IT cannot keep up with the demand of people trying to purchase tickets.

This lawsuit was not actually against Amazon.  It was against Apple.  What publishers did was set floors for what retailers could sell e-books for.  Sometimes, physical books ended up being much cheaper.

There was a another settlement for similar reasons two years ago.  but this is a separate set of credit / separate settlement.

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  1. Thank you for this, especially the easy-peasy link to the Kindle page!

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