Hyatt’s No Notice Changes, Duty Free Tips, and Are Old Planes Safe?

Hyatt changed the award redemption value of some of their properties without any notice.  Usually, programs (and especially Hyatt) give you notice ahead of time, which gives frequent fliers a chance to lock in bookings.

Pizza in Motion wrote on this change and whether or not you should be worried about Hyatt doing this again in the future.


Some items in Duty Free shops are huge deals (for example, liquor).  Other items are a rip-off and you should avoid them.

Points Miles and Bling from Travel Update has some great tips to scoring a deal, including what items to buy, what items to avoid, and how to actually pay for the items.

I had to buy a toothbrush in Zurich and was directed to the Duty Free shop as the only place that sells one.  And I ended up paying $15 for a tooth brush.  A toothbrush that the cleaning staff of my hotel later accidentally dropped in the bidet.

duty free shop

The Short Final of Travel Update has a post on the age of Allegiant airplanes.  Apparently, their practice of purchasing old planes has led to an extremely high rate of operational incidents.

His post talks about this high rate, puts it into context of other airlines, and ultimately discusses whether or not this practice is safe.


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