They Built a Bookstore in an Old Theater

Buenos Aires is home to a bookstore with a very unique location.   It was built inside of an old school theater,  complete with balconies.

While the bookstore was created in 2000,  the theater itself has old roots.

Posted through Creative Commons license.
Posted through Creative Commons license.–license

According to Wikipedia :

Situated at 1860 Santa Fe Avenue in Barrio Norte,[2] the building was designed by the architects Peró and Torres Armengol[3] for the empresario Max Glücksmann (1875-1946), and opened as a theatre called Teatro Gran Splendid in May 1919.[4] The ecleticist building features ceiling frescoes painted by the Italian artist Nazareno Orlandi and caryatidssculpted by Troiano Troiani,[3] whose work also graces the cornice along the Palacio de la Legislatura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

In 2008, the El Ateneo Grand Splendid opened with books lining the walls as far as you can see.   The balconies were repurposed into reading nooks,  and comfy chairs were added.

The Guardian named it the second most beautiful bookstore in the world,  bested only by a bookstore built in a cathedral.

Check out this article for some more gorgeous shots of the theater / bookstore.

This is definitely on my bucket list.   You know the scene in Beauty and the Beast where he shows her the library?

That’s the way to my heart too.  And I definitely want to see this bookstore in person.

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  1. While not as grand a conversion, the Tattered Cover Colfax in Denver is also a converted theatre.

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