The Hilton Frankfurt Airport

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Our original hotel
Our original hotel

Last minute, I switched our Frankfurt reservation from the Park Inn to the Hilton Frankfurt Airport.  (Why?  To be totally honest, I was feeling a bit high-maintenance, and even though my mom would be perfectly happy in the Park Inn, wanted her to enjoy the Hilton).

We arrived at the Hilton at about 8am in the morning.  If our room wasn’t ready, I was planning on asking if we could wait in the club, and failing that, I was prepared to treat a breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

Luckily, a room was available, and we were able to freshen up.  We ran up to the club room for breakfast, and saw a full spread of European and American Breakfast.

One thing I’ll say about the club lounge is that they watch you like a hawk, and try to make sure you belong there.  We had people check what room we were in a few times, and when we went for alcohol (later in the day), they double checked us again.  They were watching everyone so closely, I felt too awkward to get photos!

The bedroom portion of our room was European-sized, but very nice:


I found the coffee set up cute:

Hilton Frankfurt Airport


And the bathroom was huge:

Hilton Frankfurt Airport

A note about the shower though.  It looks like it is attached and clipped in, and the shower head is resting nicely at the top:

Hilton Frankfurt Airport

But as soon as you turn the shower on, the shower head falls down.  What you need to do is—detach the shower head from the main bar and drape it over the angled top of the bar.  It does not seem intuitive, but that’s how you get the shower head to be properly attached.

The bathroom also had a scale, which I forgave them for because it looked very steampunk (and because I can’t translate kilos easily anyway).

Hilton Frankfurt Airport

I do think the room was haunted though.  Look at my arm in this picture.

Hilton Frankfurt Airport


And do you notice anything strange about this one?  Comment if you spot it!

Hilton Frankfurt Airport

Some more picture from around the room:




I claimed this chair the whole time:

Frankfurt Hilton

The staff was very professional, and the hotel overall felt very modern.

I have to admit, I was glad I was high-maintenance. The next morning, we just rolled out of bed, got ready, and walked over to the airport.  There was a Lufthansa Check-In area as soon as we got across from the hotel, so we were able to offload our bags really quickly.  I think the hotel, while not cheap, was a great value for what we got.

The club lounge had cocktails at night and robust snacks like shrimp salad and canapés.  It was a great way to unwind—usually I want to head to the hotel bar for atmosphere, but be prepared to “show your papers†at anytime while in the lounge.


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  1. I see it! That is freaky! =)

  2. How come you were upside down in the makeup mirror?!

  3. Very timely. I was just looking up hotels at the Frankfurt airport for our November trip. I am not sure the Hilton is worth 50K points although it does have the Executive Lounge. The Hilton Garden Inn in 40K. I might just go the Hilton Mainz for 16K + E48 and drive the morning of our flight since we will have a car. Decisions, decisions.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      If you are deciding between the Hilton Garden Inn and the Hilton, I’d use the extra 10k for the lounge. It was fantastic. I did cash & points for my stay so I wouldn’t have to use the full points.

  4. Methinks haunted…or worse, there’s a stalker somewhere with hidden gadgets???

  5. An optician could explain it I think! The concave/convex mirrored glass?

  6. Last time I was in the lounge there, there was a group of three, loud, dressed US businessmen who proceeded to drink their way through the entire bar and got louder and louder the whole time. It was like an episode of geriatric Jersey Shore! They were a real pain and reminded me of the ugly American sterotype that we all have to put up with sometimes. Ugh. Made a rather nice lounge experience quite unbearable.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Interesting–three business men went up when I was there and they told them that since there was only one person with a room, one person couldn’t come in. I wonder if people taking their friends all up to get drunk made them crack down on making sure everyone belonged there.

  7. Wanted to THANK YOU for mentioning how to work the shower head at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport. Am here now and desperately searched the web hoping someone would know how to work this crazy thing, vs making a semi embarrassing call to the front desk at 10pm. Many, many thanks!

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